What to look for when choosing a photographer

Do you ever feel just overwhelmed by how many different options there are out there when choosing a photographer? Websites and social media have made accessing information on different people and companies so easy….so how do you choose who is right for you?

Vouch for That member and award winning photographer Graeme Hewitson of Monument Photos gives us his top tips on finding the right supplier for you:

1. Wedding Photography

Wedding photographers take hundreds or even thousands of photographs on the big day. When choosing a wedding photographer make sure you ask to see the whole portfolio of one day from start to finish, not just a couple of photos, so you can get “the full picture”.

2. The Photographer Themselves

When you meet with a photographer, make sure they make you feel relaxed and you form a good rapport with them. They need to make you laugh when they are taking your photos and you need to feel at ease with them in order for them to bring out the very best in you, their subject.

3. Creativity

Take a look at the Photographer’s website, Instagram and Facebook accounts. Look at the full range of services they offer, not necessarily just the service you are looking for. This will give you a better idea of their level of creativity and whether they have good ideas and imagination to capture all those special moments.

4. Experience and Longevity

How long has the photographer been in business and what have they achieved. Everyone has to start somewhere, but many photographers build up their portfolio in different industries prior to “going it alone”. Graeme has been running Monument Photos since 2009 and has been in the industry for 20 years, previously working as an architectural photographer.

5. Have They Got The Right Kit?

Photographers come with a big bag of tricks, often which is cleverly packaged into a small bag of tricks in order for them to work on location! Has your chosen photographer got all the kit they need to handle changing light conditions, weather, situations and distances?

6. Reviews

We live in a world where testimonials and reviews are readily available. What are other people saying about their previous work? What do their Facebook reviews say? When they post new projects on social media, what are the subjects of the photos commenting and saying about the service they received? All these things will give you a good unbiased insight into what others think,

7. Pricing

Beware of FREE! You will always end up paying for the service somewhere – there is no such thing as a free dinner. Often freelance photographers can charge less than large agencies who take a commission and have bigger overheads so do your research using the information above and support local/small businesses!

See Graeme’s work on the Monument Photos website, where you can also buy a range of Gift Vouchers perfect for any occasion

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