``I wanted to create a solution that benefited hotels & their guests``

One Christmas I wanted to buy a gift voucher for my sister who lived on the other side of the country. Like most people, I had a busy life and just wanted to order that voucher online and have it sent out quickly. But for this particular hotel, my only option was to telephone. The person I spoke to on the phone was clearly very busy, the voucher took a long time to arrive and when it did….it was not what I had asked for!

Having studied and worked in hospitality and tourism for over 15 years, I vowed I would create something that would make it easier for people like me to buy gift vouchers online, but also provide a service that would make operations easier for busy teams in hospitality & tourism businesses who wanted to sell gift vouchers. So in 2015, I launched Vouch For That.

We now handle the gift voucher operations for hotels and visitor attractions across the UK and our team proudly provides 5* customer service to our clients and their guests, seven days a week.

We provide two levels of service to UK businesses; VFT Bespoke and VFT Classic, meaning we have the right solution for hospitality and tourism businesses large and small.

We delight in ensuring that gift voucher buyers can order vouchers online quickly and securely and receive those vouchers in a timely manner – the very mission I had when I created Vouch For That in 2015.

Catharine Anderson
Founder and Managing Director