Happy Birthday Charlie!

Catharine Anderson – Managing Director – Vouch for That

“I can’t quite believe that it is two years since my beautiful boy came crashing into our lives. The¬†change from one child to two was certainly not easy, especially given that the first hadn’t even reached her 2nd birthday when he arrived! But something in me shifted during the months that followed, an overwhelming desire to change my life to make sure that I could fit it around them, not them around it. It was during the endless night feeds and sleeplessness that I decided to start my own business. Because I quite clearly didn’t have enough on my plate!!

And so Vouch for That, my “third child” was born. It most certainly hasn’t been easy – trying to balance life, work, children, home…..and sometimes it feels like something has got to give. And then I think about what it would be like to be employed again and work within someone else’s constraints. And I remember my “why” – why I started the company, why I chose to help independent businesses to embrace online and why 18 months ago, with a six month old baby, I joined the Entrepreneurial Spark programme. Because I want a better life for my kids, I want them to be proud of me when they are older and have the kind of work ethic and determination we as their parents have shown them.

If you watched The Apprentice last night, you will have seen just how determined one of the candidates was because of their dedication to their kids. It stuck a massive chord with me. I can’t change my life, nor do I want to. There will be days where balancing everything seems impossible – but as long as I focus on my WHY, it all falls back into place.

Vouch for That has grown and evolved so much during the last 18 months, from concept to testing to where we are today, having invested heavily in technology and innovation and with a clear vision of what we want to achieve in 2016. And as we head into the festive season, I would like to personally thank all our customers, business members, everyone at Entrepreneurial Spark, my family and all my friends for their support, guidance and patience over the last two years.”

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