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How does Vouch for That work?

Choose a company you want to buy a voucher for > Choose a gift voucher value > Choose when you want the vouchers delivered > Pay online quickly & securely > Send to yourself, or direct to the recipient. Or send to multiple recipients if you are buying for more than one person!

Who are the Vouch for That members?

Our members are businesses who work in the service industry. They are busy delighting their customers and choose Vouch for That as their gift voucher sales & distribution partner. This means their customers (i.e. YOU) can buy gift vouchers quickly & securely, whenever and wherever you want.

What comes with the Voucher?

The voucher is very high quality, printed on card, with full contact details for the business you choose. The package comes with an information leaflet which tells the recipient more details about how to use their vouchers. This is all enclosed in a gift envelope – if the gift is being sent to the buyer, rather than the recipient, this envelope will remain unsealed so you can add other items, such as a greetings card, to the package. No more folding gift vouchers to fit in your cards!

How long are the Vouchers valid for?

Vouchers are valid for 6 months for the date of issue. If you discover you have an expired voucher, we offer a 21 day grace period. So contact us as soon as possible and we will arrange with the relevant business to accept the voucher. We are sorry, but outwith this grace period, vouchers can no longer be used.

What if something happens to the business I buy a voucher for?

For your security, Vouch for That retains all payments received in a secure client account, until the voucher is redeemed. We carefully select our members and work with established and reliable businesses. It is highly unlikely, but if any company featured on our website does go out of business, we will offer an exchange or refund for that voucher.