Gift Vouchers

for your business

Vouch For That provides hotels, visitor attractions and restaurants with an online platform to sell gift vouchers. A truly outsourced solution, we handle all the monitoring and dispatch of orders by email and post, as well as providing support by email, live chat and telephone for our clients and their valued guests. 

Our focus is five star customer service for five star businesses.

After an initial consultation, we create a bespoke online shop for your business which you can link to from your own website, enabling your customers to quickly and simply purchase gift vouchers online. We then dispatch all those orders by email or post on your behalf.

Using Vouch For That will enable you to focus on your core business and assist you in increasing sales, reducing costs and saving staff time.

Why should you choose Vouch For That?

Excellent Customer Service For Your Team and Guests 7 Days a Week 

We are available by telephone, email and online chat 7 days a week to help with technical issues and any questions you or your customers have about purchasing a gift voucher. Five star customer service for five star businesses – it’s what we pride ourselves upon.

Bespoke Online Shop 

We will create a beautiful and easy to navigate online shop using your hotel images, so your guests can buy gift vouchers for your services, quickly and securely online. We will then dispatch all the orders by email or post on your behalf.

Increase Sales 

Reach a much larger audience by enabling online sales. Our current clients have seen, on average, a 25% increase in gift voucher sales just by selling online. This is because people want the convenience of online purchase and the ability to order e-vouchers as a last minute, instant gift.

Save Staff Time 

Busy gifting seasons often coincide with the most busy times operationally for hotels. Take the pressure off your staff as we manage and fulfil all your gift voucher orders and deal with all gift voucher related queries directly with your customers via online chat and phone, seven days a week. Our easy to use website also allows staff to quickly process a gift voucher for walk in orders, so all your gift voucher records are in one place.

Gift Vouchers On Your Branded Stationary 

Work with our designers to create your own unique gift vouchers with your brand colours and logo. This provides a template on which any monetary amount or package can be printed as the order comes in to our print centre. We can also include any marketing materials or brochures you wish to include when we dispatch your orders.

Incremental Spend & Non-Redemption 

Did you know that when using a gift voucher the average customer spends around 40% more than the gift voucher value? And around 20% of gift vouchers are not redeemed before they expire. An increase in sales will lead to an increase in these figures, and you get all the benefit of this as we remit the vouchers purchased for your business on sale, not redemption


As a Vouch For That client, you have access to your own Vendor Dashboard, where you can export sales and redemption reports at the click of a button. If you require reporting that is specific to your business, we can provide this for you on a weekly or monthly basis, to ensure that your administrative procedures are as simple as possible.

Security and Easy Redemption 

We understand the importance of ensuring the security of gift vouchers. That’s why all the vouchers we produce have a unique barcode which can be entered into our online redemption system when presented in your business. This allows you to check the status of the voucher, ensure it hasn’t been used before or copied and at the click of a button, record the voucher as redeemed. We then report monthly on redemptions so you can ensure that revenue is posted to the correct departments.

A simple and transparent pricing structure

We don’t believe in hidden costs or complicated pricing plans. We offer a simple and transparent pricing plan based on a small set up fee and low commission rates on gift voucher sales. The level of commission is based on predicted annual gift voucher turnover and we will provide a full proposal for your business after an initial conversation.

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