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The Optical Factory has branches in East Kilbride and Hamilton. Here’s Claire from Vouch for That’s experience of buying the perfect glasses.
A couple of years ago I went and had a routine eye check, as usual at a Boots branch. At the time I didn’t like my frames and suspected my prescription had changed so I knew that I would need to replace my glasses this time around. After my examination with the optometrist I had a look around the stands of glasses and found a gorgeous pair of Ray-Ban frames that suited me perfectly. Then I looked at the price tag. It was pretty hefty and that wasn’t even including the lenses! I decided to shop around and look at other high-street opticians. However, everywhere I looked Ray-Ban frames were so expensive with prescription lenses. As a student I just could not afford to spend hundreds of pounds on a pair of glasses.
Luckily I had heard of The Optical Factory so decided to try there. I visited them at their East Kilbride branch and asked if they stocked the frames that I found. Unfortunately, they didn’t but were so helpful and ordered them in from Italy especially for me! A week later I had a beautiful pair of Ray-Ban frames. My lenses were fitted on-site, the same day I went to try on the frames.
I really couldn’t fault the service at The Optical Factory, the staff were so attentive, the price of my glasses was so much lower than any high-street opticians and the frames arrived so quickly!
I’ve had my glasses from The Optical Factory for quite some time now so I will probably be making another visit soon!
If you know someone who wears glasses you’ll know how important it is to their image. A stylish pair of glasses really do make all the difference – but they can be expensive. Gift vouchers for The Optical Factory are available on our website which would make the perfect gift for any glasses-wearer wanting to update their look!

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