Dogs are buying gift vouchers!

Here at Vouch For That we love seeing when and why gift vouchers are so popular and are so surprised to see that more and more dogs are buying gift vouchers!
Last month Father’s day was a very busy period and it wasn’t just humans that wanted to say how much they loved their dads – lots of pups did too!
As July is such a popular time to go on holiday, many dogs are going to stay with friends and relatives while their owners soak up the sun abroad. We’ve had many orders from lots of pups who enjoyed exploring a new home, going on long walks and eating loads of treats so want to thank their dog-sitters with a gift voucher and a message full of woofs and tail waggles.
Not only can dogs send gift vouchers for a luxury hotel, they can enjoy the experience too! Did you know that Albert Roux, the Michelin star chef, has created a special menu for dogs and is available at many of the hotels we provide gift vouchers for. Your dog can order a meal delicious enough to get tails wagging on room service – check out more information here!
If you know a pup that would like to thank their owner or dog-sitter then send them to this website where they can choose a luxury hotel to buy a gift voucher for!

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