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Hotels, Restaurants, Visitor Attractions….gift vouchers for Tourism

We can provide your company with a personalised gift voucher sales page, which you can link to from your own website, enabling your customers to buy gift vouchers online. You can then choose whether you want to feature on the main website as well or simply use our system to outsource your gift voucher sales & order fulfillment.

We believe that the online customer journey should reflect the high level of service visitors would experience in your establishment. That’s why we are constantly monitoring our website and innovating to ensure your customers receive the very best online service, and provide telephone support 7 days a week just in case they encounter any issues.

To make life easier for both customer facing staff and your accounts department, all our gift vouchers have barcodes on them which can be scanned using our smartphone app to check security and mark them as redeemed.

From consulting with you on gift voucher design, setting up all the listings to dispatching the voucher orders by email or post, we handle the whole process, offering you significant time and cost savings as well as opening up online channels to increase your sales.

Take a look at an example of our personalised sales pages and contact us today to discuss what we can do for your business.

BIDs & Town Centres

We want to use the UK’s annual £5bn spend on gift vouchers to drive footfall and spend in cities, towns & villages. That is why we want to work with Business Improvement Districts and others who have a vested interest in marketing their area as a great place to visit and spend. We are a tech company run by marketers! There’s no jargon with us, just robust and innovative ideas how you can give the independents within your area an online presence, raise awareness of their products & services and connect online shoppers with bricks and mortar businesses.

We enable businesses within your area to sell gift vouchers online AND we create an area-wide gift voucher that can be used in ANY of those businesses. The system is incredibly flexible and the best way to understand how it could work to achieve the specific objectives of your area is to have a conversation.

Get in contact with us and we’ll put together a personalised proposal for you to present to your board.